I recently came across this excellent article about ‘Radical Acceptance’. This is such a huge concept, hard to come to terms with, but nevertheless one which is absolutely crucial in developing Authentic Resilience. 

As the author of the article says, “..the more we try to evade or avoid painful realities, the more entangled we become in the tentacles of their embrace.” We speak about this in R number 1 – Reality. We cannot get out of the starting blocks in dealing with whatever it is we are facing unless we stare down the brutal truth. We all have tendency to either bury our heads in the sand and try and ignore what we are facing, or otherwise we go the other way, over-dramatizing the reality of the situation and being fixated on possibilities which haven’t even happened. And some of us do both, flick-flacking between denial and drama.

The article goes on to say, “Radical acceptance means that you don’t fight what you’re feeling in this moment. You feel sad? Feel sad. Don’t judge it, don’t push it away, don’t diminish it, and don’t try to control its passage. Turn toward the feeling rather than turning away from it.” Speaking to R number 2, Reach In, this emphasises the importance of being able to face and sit with all of our emotions, without becoming drowned by them. 

Radical acceptance emphasises the importance of facing our current situation in ALL of its awfulness -and perhaps its greatness. Do we overlook possibilities that our situation may surface? 

Whatever it is that you’re facing right now, radical acceptance is key. It might not be easy, it probably won’t be quick, and it almost definitely won’t be fun. But without radical acceptance there can be no healing, no growth and no Authentic Resilience. 

-Written by Pippa Shaper