This is altogether not true. In fact, it is often the smaller day-to-day adversities that cause stress to build and that we need ongoing resilience for. Whilst many of us can pinpoint great trauma or adversities we have experienced for which we have needed resilience, for others simply getting through each day requires enormous amounts of Authentic Resilience.

There is no hierarchy of suffering. As Dr Edith Eger, internationally acclaimed psychologist, author of The Choice and Holocaust survivor explains “ If we discount our pain, or punish ourselves for feeling lost or isolated or scared about the challenges in our lives, however insignificant these challenges may seem to someone else, then we’re still choosing to be victims. We’re not seeing our choices. We’re judging ourselves.” No one person’s suffering is any less significant than another’s. In a challenging, constantly changing and most undoubtedly uncertain world we require resilience every day just to face ordinary life.