Contrary to what many people think, resilience isn’t a superpower that we are born with. It is true that as a species, we are undoubtedly resilient, otherwise we would not have survived, but resilience isn’t a character strength that you either have or don’t have. We are all born with a level of resilience which can become greater. Authentic Resilience is a competency that is learned, acquired, developed and refined through the journey of life – even more so when there is a conscious decision to grow our resiliency.

Whilst some people seem more resilient than others in the face of adversity, the truth is that they haven’t been born with a ‘special something’ that others don’t possess. This is great news – as it means that everyone has the capacity to grow greater levels of Authentic Resilience! Authentically Resilient people have faced challenges in their lives the same as others have, but have grown from their experiences. They’ve figured out what has worked for them – as well as what hasn’t. Resilience isn’t something that is reserved for a few special people – it can be learned, practiced and improved by us all.