At times this may well be true – there are moments when there is no choice but to keep on keeping on, no matter how you feel – but; to rely on willpower and grit alone for a protracted period of time is not an Authentically Resilient solution.  You will collapse at some stage. Walking through the desert on your knees is not the answer. The most resilient of people are just that because they stop to refresh and restore themselves along the way. They know how to refuel and fill up, they know how to renew and restore even when they don’t feel like it. Authentically Resilient people understand the importance of looking after themselves even when they don’t think they should be a priority . Just keeping on keeping on will work … for a while … but you are human and all humans have physical and emotional needs. The better way, the Authentically Resilient way, is to ensure you are taking care of those needs; especially during times of trauma.