I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort food recently (ok, let’s be honest… I’ve been doing more than just thinking about it…!). And I’m not saying comfort food when I’m really meaning junk food. I mean the food that we really want to eat, need to eat, during our most difficult times, that brings us comfort. The food that reminds us of home, of being cared for, of being loved. The food your mum would cook when you were sick or sad. The food that you give your kids when they’ve had a bad day or are recovering from being ill.

Comfort food that is nurturing, wholesome and fills you with more than just calories. It fills you with something that is way more than just the energy that it provides or the hunger that it satiates. Comfort food that feels like a warm cosy blanket for the soul as well as the stomach.

We all have our own ‘go to’ foods for comfort. Some of mine are warm oats made with milk. Tomato soup with a toasted cheese sandwich on the side. And pasta, specifically fresh ravioli. As I read recently in Matt Haig’s wonderful, ‘The Comfort Book – No physical appearance is worth not eating pasta for.’ 

Comfort food is way to keep us connected to the memories of home, love, nurturing and hope. It reminds us of times of recovery and being taken care of. It is a vital part of ‘Renewal’, which we need in order to be Authentically Resilient. 

What are your go-to comfort foods? We’d love to hear from you…

-Written by Pippa Shaper