What We Do

Building resilience is crucial – for everyone!

Resilience is arguably the single most vital ingredient to ensure that people are equipped to deal with and respond with courage to whatever life throws their way. In our complex world where change is the only constant, teaching people to access and build personal resilience has become critical. Young and old, students or professionals, male or female – this model develops  robust, high-functioning people who can respond in healthy well rounded ways and who are equipped to overcome, learn and grow from adversity.

The 10 characteristics of resilient people

Research has shown that resilient people …

  • Accept responsibility for their own emotional wellbeing
  • Learn to face reality with realistic optimism and hope
  • Actively seek out purpose and meaning
  • Have the ability to be flexible and adaptable
  • Develop an ability to understand paradox and work with complexity
  • Invest in good relationships – know how to cultivate connection
  • Have creative problem-solving skills
  • Maintain perspective and develop an attitude of gratitude
  • Develop the courage to be vulnerable, fail and forgive
  • Find ways to use adversity as a platform for growth