The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience

The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience proprietary model forms the basis for inspirational workshops, talks, retreats and presentations, borne out of extensive research, hundreds of hours of coaching and Gabi and Pippa’s personal experiences of dealing with extreme adversity and loss.

We all face challenges, loss and pain which is why theTen R’s of Resilience model is applicable to everyone at any age whether at work or at home. It teaches and equips us with steps to take when challenging situations – or even just the usual complexities and paradoxes of life – present themselves.

TheTen R’s of Resilience is a practical model which future-proofs individuals and teams, and builds their capacity to thrive and succeed no matter what.

The Ten R’s of Resilience Model can be shared in different formats such as half day and full day workshops, in-depth courses, luxury and corporate retreats, module format and individually crafted corporate seminars and master classes.