About Us

Gabi Lowe and Pippa Shaper are accredited life-coaches with a wealth of coaching knowledge, life-experience and business acumen between them. They successfully co-authored The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience model and together they facilitate life-changing workshops, retreats and one-to-one coaching programs. They are also both accomplished speakers who give personal inspirational talks.

Together Gabi and Pippa co-founded The Resilience Factory. They also run individual coaching practises, namely The Coaching Nest with Gabi Lowe and Pippa Shaper Consulting. They are also both directors of not-for-profit organisations; namely The Jenna Lowe Trust and Home from Home.

Pippa (left) and Gabi (right) outside The Coaching Nest

“Authentic resilience is an essential skill that can be developed and grown with time, intent, understanding and commitment. It requires conscious and courageous presence to access your full life force in the face of adversity and challenge. Resilience is a capacity, a pivotal resource that can be learnt, developed and taught.” Gabi and Pippa

Gabi Lowe 

Gabi spent 27 successful years in media and marketing when, following a dramatic change of personal circumstances, she found her true calling as a life and leadership coach in 2016 and launched The Coaching Nest. Gabi is acknowledged worldwide for the impact she has had on organ donation and the work she has done for Pulmonary Hypertension in South Africa. Following the tragic loss of her eldest daughter, Jenna Lowe, in 2015, Gabi launched The Jenna Lowe Trust as a public benefit organisation in order to continue Jenna’s work and legacy. In 2015 Gabi also met Pippa Shaper and together they co-authored the Ten R’s Model for Authentic Resilience and launched The Resilience Factory in early 2018.

Pippa Shaper

Pippa’s career started in retail in the UK before settling down in South Africa in 1992  and working in the non-profit sector, which lead to her co-founding Home from Home, a child protection organisation and becoming a trustee of The Elton John AIDS Foundation South Africa. Believing that we all have three careers in us, Pippa started her coaching studies in 2015 when she gained international accreditation as a Gallup Strengths Coach, and has continued her studies with the Centre for Coaching at UCT’s Graduate School of Business. In 2015 she met Gabi and together they co-authored the Ten R’s model for Resilience and launched The Resilience Factory in early 2018.