Noticing Nature

Gabi and I were talking recently about how we are noticing so much more of nature now that things are quieter. Our senses are quietened which allow us to observe more, and it feels like Mother Nature has had a chance to re-establish her presence whilst we are all taking a break. I have been acutely aware of the changing seasons as last week’s dying days of our Indian summer faded away and autumn fully came to the fore. On my weekly trip to the shops I am so aware of the colour of the leaves and how the trees have started shedding their foliage as they head into winter. Gabi is noticing the huge – and surprisingly noisy – flocks of birds visiting her garden. Further away there are reports of herds of goats and deer moving into town centres, dolphins visiting areas they are seldom seen and a leopard in a wine cellar now that there are fewer cars and people moving around.

We have an unique opportunity to become quieter and pay attention to nature at the moment -and one thing that we can be sure of is that however uncertain things seem to be at, the seasons will continue to change.

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