What’s so hard about control

One thing many people are struggling with at the moment is how much they CAN’T control. For those who are used to being in charge, who like routine and order, who plan a long way into the future, this can be especially hard and emotionally frustrating.

How can we change our mindset from focussing on what is out of our control, to what is within our control? We may not know how long lockdown is going on for, but we can plan for today. We may not be able to follow our normal routines, but we can develop a new routine for ourselves and our families for these new and different days. And we can ALWAYS control our response and our attitude to what is going on in our world.

In our 3rd R – Response-ability – we talk about the difference between reacting  and responding. The difference between them lies in ‘mindful conscious choice’ -something that is always very much in our power to control, even when it feels like our lives are out of control. Lockdown provides opportunity to really submerse ourselves in mindful conscious choice, and to reflect on how we are going to take that forward into our new lives with us once Covid-19 subsides.

Written by Pippa Shaper

📷 Kiwihug on Unsplash

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