When Nothing is Normal

Like many of my friends, it seems, I have been unable to get properly stuck into reading a book during the last few weeks. I just don’t seem to have the mental energy for it. So earlier this week I reached instead for a magazine that I had bought pre-lockdown. The April edition of a women’s magazine, it featured all the normal things that one would expect at this time of year – Easter feast recipes for family get togethers, new autumn fashion, things to do and places to visit. And I found myself flicking through thinking just how much of it doesn’t apply any longer; the review of a restaurant – closed now, and will it even exist after this is all over? Lovely things to buy; but no shops open to buy them from and quite honestly, do new clothes seem important when we have nowhere to get dressed up and go to? It is tempting to become despondent when everything seems to have changed and nothing is the same, and when there is little we can be sure of in the future. Now is the time to dig deep, beyond the temporary affects of life and look at what remains – love, friendships, our values, faith, nature. What can you find that is sure to remain steadfast through the months to come?

Written by Pippa Shaper

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

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